Well, as expected this blog hasn't been updated in a while. The split 7" with LYMPHATIC PHLEGM has been out for a few months. I have limited copies for sale in the BUY STUFF section.

Recording has started for the next release...Not confirmed on format/length/anything else but it will probably be released by UNITED GUTTURAL RECORDS...Yes, that United Guttural!

6/12/11 - RIP Seth Putnam

Alex and Will (Amoebic Dysentery) with an unimpressed Seth Putnam
Cincinatti, OH, March 2006.



Fuck Myspace (3/1/11)

Since Myspace sucks now and is a pain in the ass to deal with I decided to set up an Amoebic Dysentery page on blogspot...Not sure if this will ever be updated again. Hah!

Coming soon: Split 7" with LYMPHATIC PHLEGM on Goatgrind Records! If you've paid attention to the underground gore scene at any time in the past 14 years you've probably come across Lymphatic Phlegm. Apparently this could be LP's last split release! The Amoebic Dysentery side has already been recorded and is ready to go. This is the first release since 2006 and the first release with real drums! Check out the Goatgrind Records Site

Contact: Defenestration2@[nospam]aol.com  Don't spam me, motherfuckers.