Started in 2000 by a 16 year old as a one man project.
Put out some self-released limited Cdrs.
Put out the "Mongoloid Metal" CD in 2003.
Got a live lineup (with drum machine) together and played some shows.
Played Maryland Deathfest and Obscene Extreme Fest in 2005.
Put out "Hospice Orgy" CD in 2006.
Didn't do much for a few years after that.
Played shows with drummer Jason Wade in 2009.
Finally recorded some new material in 2010-2011 as a one man project, but with real drums.


Tales from the Toilet Cdr (2000, Self Released. Only given to friends)
Dirty Sanchez: The Urkel Chroncles Cdr (2000, Self Released. Mostly given to friends)
Floaters and Sinkers Cdr (2001, Self Released. Around 100 copies made it around)
Split w/ Dwarfophile/Gross/Necrobestiality Cdr (2001, Coprophiliacs Anonymous. Limitation Unknown)
Split tape w/ Feasting Blood (2002, Festering Deathfuck Decomposition. Limitation Unknown)
Mongoloid Metal Cd (2003, Deus Mortuus/Embrace My Funeral. Pro-pressed 1000 copies)
Split w/ Abosranie Bogom, Smothered Brothers, DSO, Feculence, Uterus Cdr (2003, Fecal Matter Discorporated. Limitation Unknown)
Split w/ Feculent Goretomb, Disgusting, Tartapoil Cd (2004, Rotten Foetus Prod. 1000 copies? AxDx tracks were recorded in 2002 and were also included on "Mongoloid Metal" Cd)
Frothy Piss Drinkers Cdr (2005, Self Released. Demo and live tracks. Limited to 100 hand numbered copies for Obscene Extreme Festival)
Hospice Orgy promo Cdr (2006, Self Released. Handmade promo given out at shows for "Hospice Orgy" Cd. Limitation Uknown)
Hospice Orgy CD (2006, Deathgasm Records. 1000 "regular edition", 200 hand numbered "coloring book edition"
Split 7" w/ Lymphatic Phlegm (2011, Goatgrind Records. 250 Copies black vinyl)